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Melanie Stewart Henson of TechHomePro

A Message from Melanie

I founded TechHomePro with one simple goal in mind: To create happy homes.

Since 1976, my family has been installing security solutions and my father was a pioneer in the first Smart Home revolution. I grew up around all types of security and smart home technology. I remember my grandfather, father, and brother investing hours in wiring, programming, and writing software. It seemed like the most difficult job ever. I decided from those experiences that pursuing a career in teaching was a better choice for me. However, after 15 years in the classroom and 8 years in direct sales I ended up right back in the family business. This time committed to creating a DIY solution so simple anyone could install it.

My vision for TechHomePro is to provide homes with affordable technology, easy to install solutions, and top of the line technical support. With too many overwhelming products and little explanation on how to make them work I wanted to build a company that could teach anyone how to create their own safe and smart home without feeling frustrated or tied down to yearly contracts.

Today the TechHomePro “family” is committed to helping build safe and smart homes. We are proud to sell our products through Independent Consultants giving them the opportunity to protect what matters most.

Let our family protect yours,

Melanie from TechHomePro
Melanie Stewart Henson
Founder & CEO

Our Mission

The TechHomePro Team has one simple mission: Creating Happy Homes!

The TechHomePro Family

TechHomePro may be new but the family behind it is not. See what makes this family committed to your success, safety, and future.

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